Welcome to Top Stitch Wales, and thank you for visiting the website!

Hayley, creator of Top Stitch Wales creates bespoke handmade items from her sewing room in South West Wales.

Top Stitch Wales was created in the Summer of 2018, and initially started as a hobby, making and selling headbands using just one sewing machine, which Hayley had been given as a birthday present by her parents in the January of that year.

Since then the business has gone from having just one sewing machine to now a small army of five sewing machines!

Top Stitch Wales’ product range is forever expanding, as Hayley enjoys creating new products.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of fabric to have their handmade item made in, or specific fabric can be sourced for an order.

Top Stitch Wales attends local fairs throughout the year, selling premade items whilst also taking orders for custom made items.

Products include items such as reusable facewipes, pencil cases, bookmarks, headbands, peg bags and many more, please visit the product page showing the most recent orders that have been sent out to our customers.

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