Reuse, Recycle

We live in such a throwaway society these days, pretty much everything we buy comes wrapped either wrapped in plastic or contains plastic. If you didn’t get a chance to see the BBC1 program War on Plastic, its well worth a watch (I am pretty sure its available to download on the iPlayer).

So if you are looking to make a change, here are a six little things that you can do to help reduce the amount of plastic you use in your home.

Ditch the Makeup Remover Wipes and Baby Wipes!

Whilst the majority of makeup remover wipes and baby wipes are made so they are biodegradable, they still come in plastic packaging. Buying (or making) reusable wipes is far more cost effective, environmentally friendly and you can choose bright and funky prints to fit your personality (or the decor in your bathroom!). Generally reusable wipes are made with a cotton top, and either a flannel or a bamboo underside. Wipes can be washed again and again (and you can just pop them in with your normal wash).

Ditch the Shower Gel!

We ditched our shower gel last year, and have now swapped to bars of soap (we have also replaced the bottles handwashes at our sinks in favour of bars of soap too). We have had to watch which brands of soap we buy as some of the big brand names package their soap in plastic, but there are the odd few that don’t. There are lots of small businesses who make handmade soap and wrap them in eco friendly packaging. I am sure the bars of soap last longer than the bottles too.

Ditch the Cling Film!

We have gone from cling filming our sandwiches to putting them in reusable sandwich bags or sandwiches boxes. There are sandwich boxes you can buy which are made from bamboo, once these have reached the end of their life there are compostable (I have a bamboo hot drinks cup which I have had for three years, and I use it several times a week and its still going strong!). Reusable sandwich bags are lined with food grade PUL which makes them super easy to clean (either wipe after use or wash in the washing machine), and they can be made from any fun fabric you like! (why not also consider using reusable food coverings too instead of using cling film on your bowls in the fridge).

Ditch the Plastic Produce Bags!

Instead of using the plastic bags that the supermarkets provide for your fruit and veg, use a reusable cotton bag instead. Once you are back from the supermarket, take your fruit and veg out and then wash and reuse! These could even be made in food related fabric too! (if you do you shopping online opt out of them bringing your shopping in plastic bags, and use your own bags to transfer your shopping into when your food shop arrives).

Ditch the Plastic Straws!

Switch to metal or paper straws instead of the plastic ones. Metal straws can be reused over and over again, and are perfect for use in the home, or out and about (why not have a funky fabric case to pop them in for when you are out and about).

Ditch the Disposable Facemasks!

Don’t buy the disposable facemasks! With so many supermarkets and local makers selling reusable facemasks in bright and funky fabrics, that you can wash and reuse, they are far more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Whilst facemasks are not something I make to sell, I will be doing a live tutorial showing you how to make a well fitted, triple layer facemask.

Of course these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reusing, recycling and upcycling. Have you seen our Pinterest Board which is filled with upcycling ideas?

Top Stitch Wales reusable products

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